Speaking up about any concern you have at work is really important. In fact, it’s vital because it will help us to keep improving our services for all patients and the working environment for our staff. You can raise a concern about risk, malpractice or wrongdoing you think is harming the service we deliver.

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Please be ready to explain as fully as you can the information and circumstances that gave rise to your concern. Do not wait for proof. We would like you to raise the matter while it is still a concern. It does not matter if you turn out to be mistaken as long as you are genuinely troubled.

If you raise a concern here, only our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian will receive it. If you’d like more information about Freedom to Speak Up, or are interested in becoming an ambassador, please look at the Freedom to Speak Up staff intranet page.


This page is for our staff only, if you do not work at our Trust, we’re very keen to get your feedback about our services via the CHFT Feedback Form, so we can continue to improve.